Hello! I’m Patrick Unrein. Welcome to my little place on the web.

I’m a student of wisdom and supporter of life, abundant and elegant. I collect valuable knowledge, share what I learn, and help people prosper and live well.

Who am I:

  • Constantly striving for effective and elegant living. And wisdom hungry, looking for principal based life-hacks.
  • A Christian with interesting views on God and the Bible.
  • A devoted husband and family-man.
  • Self-educated, proudly and purposefully, from 4th grade on.
  • Strong proponent of household life.
  • Business Investor and Buyer, Partner, Entrepreneur, and Consultant helping build wealth and increased profits.
  • A student of the markets and trading.
  • I’ve been a professional musician, bagpiper, for some time.
  • INTJ and other craziness.

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